Please bring your own towel and swimsuit and entire family along with you!

One should be old enough to enjoy a sauna on their own to avoid any mishaps. However it becomes ones own responsibility in case of any mishap.

There are no tickets, so you are welcome to join us. However for car park there shall charge of 5 euros and bus from ABC Teuva centre some euros – every hour starting at 12 o´clock and back from Parra starting at 12.30 o´clock. But if shall arrive with the sauna, you shall have a free parking space not far away from the sauna area.

This event for all sauna friends was first time in the center of Teuva in year 2006 with 18 saunas and second time in Parra in year 2007 with 37 saunas. Thereafter sauna festival has been in Parra. In year 2008 there were 37 saunas and about 2000 persons. In year 2009 there were even more: 47 saunas and about 6000 persons and in year 2010 we had 54 saunas and about 8000 persons. Thereafter there has been over 50 saunas every year, but 49 last time in year 2018, because we do not took more saunas in the area. We need to keep safety distances and some saunas are very big.